Ann Marie

Coach, Trainer, Speaker

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What People Are Saying:

Stella Leone
Benessere Sugar & Spa Services - Connecticut

"For small business owners, we all know how hard many of us were impacted by COVID, especially the service industry. I came to Ann Marie looking for some much needed guidance to help get my mind and my business back on track, as well as some strategies to help increase my reach and clientele. Working with Ann Marie has been a breath of fresh air. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a new entrepreneur, I would highly recommend her services. She is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and makes you comfortable while you are trying to navigate through everything. I’m happy to say this decision to work closely with Ann Marie has saved my business and my sanity!!"

Kelly Rusin
Pixels & Pastry - Florida

"Ann Marie has been such a blessing in my life. She is always cheering me on and has helped me see different points of view.  She is always there to encourage and to lift you up.  Her expansive knowledge of networking and marketing makes her the ideal person to go to when I feel stuck or need an idea for my business.  She's the ultimate networking gal!  She loves to connect people in a genuine way and helps them achieve whatever their goals are and to help them be better at what they do. 

She has a big heart and is true to her word. I cherish the friendship that I have with her, she has become like a sister to me.”

Heather V.

I have known Ann Marie for many years now and I recently began her Abundant Mindset Coaching Program.  She has been on point and intuitive with my concerns and sees exactly where changes in my life need to be.  She listens carefully and helps me organize my thoughts.  She helped me find steps, unique to me, that I can implement to make the changes in specific and desired areas of my life.  She is loving and genuinely caring.  She has helped me tremendously in a short period of time.  Ann Marie’s Abundant Mindset Coaching program is changing my life.”

Elizabeth B.

"Ann Marie’s positive attitude is the perfect subscription for such a time as this. She has the ability to look at our obstacle, the brick wall we built, and turn that barrier into stepping stones that lead to a more productive and positive outcome. With her many years of serving clients from all regions of the world, her professionalism, grace and wisdom knows no bounds."

Yamile S.
North Carolina

"I have known Ann Marie for many years and have recently engaged in her coaching services. She has been a trusted business owner in many capacities and has led a strong, productive team. She has taught me how to harmoniously work with team members around me and it has made a difference in our team spirit. As a leader of a large team, her coaching has given me opportunities to help others flourish through her proven system and it has changed the trajectory of my life and the health of my team. I would highly recommend locking arms with her and giving her an opportunity to help you as well."